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My name is Tom Blizzard, otherwise known as Ink and Stars Art. I am an illustrator, graphic designer and web designer. I love music, nature and urban themes for my work; and pointillism my preferred technique

I am fully capable with numerous editing software including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and various web coding software. With knowledge in HTML and CSS coding, as well as Javascript and some PHP. Feel free to contact me either via my social media above or my contact details below

  • BTEC National Diploma in Graphic Design

  • BTEC Higher National Diploma in Photography
  • Selected Clients:

  • Foto Artist - various graphic design work including the logo, promotional work and leaflets

  • Influence Management - poster design for Martyr de Mona

  • Tattoo Design - a commission for a half sleeve tattoo design incorporating existing elements

  • A2 Piece - A large piece based around stars, planets and mountains designed for a childs bedroom
  • Contact: