Paralus "The Part 2": Exterior of EP cover design. Designed around the concept of "nerd metal"

Paralus "The Part 2": Back panel of EP cover design. The design is based on the Commodore 64 loading screen

Paralus "The Part 2": Interior of EP cover design.

Cincinnati Bow Tie "Lights Down Music Up Safety Off": Design for a hardcore band. Purpose was to keep it raw and utilise the personas used in the band.

Cincinnati Bow Tie/Man Half Machine Split Ep "Terrible Idea #2" design. Only the cover as used just for the bandcamp

Cincinnati Bow Tie "Look What You Made Me Done": Design for second EP by hardcore band Cincinnati Bow Tie.

Paralus: Part of a press pack sent to promoters and labels. A quotes pages of reviews

Paralus: Biography page used for press pack sent to promoters and labels. Part of a series of comic influenced images.

Martyr De Mona: Poster for a concert

Paralus: Subversive Incursive EP design