Squirrel Witch and Jeff: this is a Halloween card design that has proved quite popular both on social media and Etsy

The Night Sky: an A2 commission for a clients childs bedroom with free reign over subject matter.

Heart: a greetings card design used for Valentines

St Andrews Church: an A4 drawing done for a wedding anniversary

Earth Hands: a piece done for social media in support of Black Lives Matters

The Lighthouse at Alexandria, Circa 100BC: an A3 reconstruction of the famous lighthouse at Alexandria, drawn based on eyewitness accounts and medieval art

Krampus: a greetings card design for Christmas that proved to be particularly popular

Odin on Yggdrasil: a tattoo design commission drawn so as to work around the bear tattoo already in the area planned. The design was to show the story of Odin sacrificing himself on Yggdrasil.

Father Mousemas: a greetings card design for Christmas that proved to be popular

Ben Nevis: an impression of Ben Nevis from the water

Daphne and the Dragonfly: a landscape based on Daphne's form in the famous story of Daphne and Apollo. I used a willow instead of a laurel tree.

Girls Night Out: a halloween greetings card design